Thursday, June 11, 2009


What a relief to have winter well behind us! And even more of a relief to have said goodbye to heavy winter wear. We can now sashay our way around in light fabrics and colors and add dash and daring to our look—not to mention instant glamour—with a vibrant red lipstick and trendy glasses.

In these hard economic times, buying a lipstick is a true pleasure because it doesn’t break the bank. I’m thrilled to see that classic lipstick colors are back in a multitude of shades so you are bound to find one or two or, even three, that suit your coloring perfectly. These are my preferred choices:

Lancôme – L’Absolu Rouge
Shiseido – Rouge Dragon
Clinique – Red-y to Wear
Estée Lauder – Rich Red
Chanel – Rouge Allure
Serge Lutens – ‘Fards à Lèvres’ in ten fabulous shades. Absolute elegance.
YSL – Pure Gloss, Pure fruit
M.A.C - Impassioned
Givenchy - Complement Arty
Thierry Mugler - Rouge Unique
Clarins - Instant Gloss
L’Oréal – Sunset Red #302


Sunglasses are necessary to safeguard the eyes from damaging sunrays. But remember this accessory, like jewelry, can either enhance or diminish your image. Here are some tips to help you select a pair that suit you perfectly.

Style and color:
The color of the frame is of utmost importance as it should harmonize with your hair color and skin tone so be sure to pick a color that complements both.

Equally important is the size of the frame, which should be in proportion to your face. If it is too big your face will seem shrunken and if too small, your face will appear enlarged. I know, I know, I can already hear you protesting … ”Michèle, big glasses are in!” Yes they are but that does not mean we have to look ridiculous in huge glasses that swallow our entire face.

Be aware that there are options for lens colors too:
-Brown lenses are ideal for bright sunny days and slightly overcast conditions.
-Gray lenses are softer and allow colors to be seen in their natural state.

The bridge of the frame should fit the shape of the nose comfortably to avoid indentation marks. Here are some guidelines:
- Fine narrow nose: narrow, high bridge
- Wide nose: wide, low bridge
- Long nose: narrow or large, low bridge
- Short nose: narrow or large, high bridge

• The nose plates and temple points must be comfortable.
• The upper part of the frame should follow the arch of your eyebrows.
• The frame should not touch your cheeks. To test the fit, smile and make sure the glasses do not move up.
• The weight of the frame is important too and should not leave a smudge on your nose or a mark on your cheeks.
• The last important step is to check your profile to view the final fit of the sunglasses. The gap between the lower part of the frame and your cheek should neither be too small nor too large.
Take a good friend with you who will give you an honest opinion. And remember sunglasses don’t have to be expensive to be both fashionable and functional.

Now, put your lipstick and new sunglasses on, collect a friend along the way and set off to your favorite outdoor café. Summer is a great time for serious people watching and a delicious iced cappuccino!
Savor the moment and enjoy!


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