Monday, November 29, 2010

Michele Benza: An Unusual Gift that Will Match Your Holiday Budge...

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An Unusual Gift that Will Match Your Holiday Budget


Michele Benza, Image Consulting & Posture

Looking for an Unusual Holiday Gift?

A Gift that Will Match Your Holiday Budget.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Camel,The Color of the Season - Plus Camel Gift Ideas

Stretchy slim/legging type pants 
+ turtleneck
+ camel coat
+ pair of boots or booties
= Your look for this winter.

Change your closet quickly…

Unless you live in a cloistered monastery, you’re likely seeing already the color camel -- the strongest color trend of this season.  

More than a color, the camel is a nuance: but beware! Too light, camel becomes beige; too dark, camel becomes tobacco. It is fair to say that camel is in-between.

With this sweet seventies revival, the color camel is turning into a neo-bourgeois trend. An attitude that dares you to be as glamorous as a Chloe ad.

No need to ‘camel’ from head to toe. Only one garment or accessory suffices.

And should camel not be your best color (near the face), not to worry -- any camel accessory will be a ‘trendy’ addition to your holiday wish list.

Now make your pick... will it be a;

Coat - Against blizzards and frosts opt for a coat that will keep you warm while interpreting the trend perfectly.

Boots – Ankle high or way high, I love them with a passion. With skinny jeans, pants or skirts and tights, a pair of boots is your best investment to keep you protected for the intempéries (bad weather).
Jacket – Scream freedom by adopting a masculine-feminine camel cloak over pants.

Skirt - Wear it with boots or heels, the important thing is the feminine style.

Shirt - What's better than red to match the camel trend?

Belt – If your figure is close to an hourglass, let yourself be seduced by a belt. Make note, this year narrow belts are leading the trend.

Gloves - Against chills, nothing beats a pair of gloves. Camel gloves will make a delicious complement to your coats, cashmere and wool jacket.

Dress - Perfect for showing off to work, a little dress in camel makes us in the trend. Perfect for strolling through this winter (and maybe even the one after). A dress is an outfit that will push you into the firmament of the queens of fashion.

Cardigan -This is the part you need. To change from week to weekend over trousers, skirts or dresses. They are easy to find at all prices, don’t be afraid to take it with you wherever you go.

Bag - Get inspired. Opt for a bag that is functional in camel leather for you to compose a trendy look.

Pumps - Look great in camel leather pumps.
As the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season is just around the corner, I know that finding the time to fulfill all your many gift giving needs can be a challenge.  It would be my pleasure to offer you a private holiday shopping appointment including:

o   Image Consulting
o   Personal Wardrobe Consultation
o   Gift-Giving Assistance and Corporate Gift Services
o   Gift-wrapping

Whether you are searching for the perfect holiday outfit, buying for the person who has everything, or if you are simply short on time; my exclusive shopping experience is the perfect choice.  

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.  If your schedule is already full, I am more than happy to accommodate your needs via phone and/or email. 

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