Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ageless, Timeless, Effortless, Priceless.


Agelessness is a term we refer to when someone or something appears never to age. The definition itself means “not appearing to age” (dictionary.com).
Agelessness can also be applied to your sense of style.

Consistent Style Does Not Equal Dull Appearance
One of my style secrets is consistency. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a consistent appearance is a dull appearance.  Au contraire, once we have found the colors and shapes that fit us best, our wardrobe becomes stylish and there we just found our style!
Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn had one thing in common; they possessed their own signature style.  This led them to become fashion icons, who truly remain ageless. Nobody is too old or too young to find their signature style.

Your Signature Style is Timeless

Timelessness means without beginning or end, in this instance a wardrobe that will stay in style for a very long time.  Your ageless wardrobe can also be timeless.

The right pieces, in the right combination can last through the ebb and flow of fad fashions with simple, affordable accessory changes to keep current.

In tough economic times, owning a timeless wardrobe you can count on is more important than ever. This means, we have to invest in a few quality pieces instead of quantity.

As an ageless wardrobe means all can wear it, a timeless wardrobe means that it will never go out of style because it is built on basic classic pieces.  The purpose of a timeless wardrobe is to provide staple to your closet that you can wear year after year and not look démodé (out of style).
A few basic pieces that you will wear for years to come will become a great investment – remember Cost Per Wear <http://www.bayareawj.com/how-much-are-you-really-spending-on-your-clothes-shoes-and-accessories/> . Timeless style with essential pieces will keep you looking fabulous all year round. Although not immortal, a timeless wardrobe will go through the passage of time without a wrinkle.

Your Timeless Wardrobe Makes it Easy to Look Your Best

Don’t bother to pull your hair out with complicated formulas to create great outfits. Your ageless/timeless wardrobe will gently become effortless as well. Create a rotation in your closet, after all there are only seven days in a week, and once you possess seven great high–quality outfits your fashion appetite will be satisfied. You should no longer need to shop at the spur of the moment for something to wear.  You will get ready in a flash each morning, I promise!
Most of us have great intentions to buy less, but better quality.  Unfortunately too many of us prefer to push away the extra expense and find themselves again with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. No question that it is easy to succumb to the lure of multiple store windows.
Merchandising is so effective they make us believe that we have strictly nothing to wear. I say “no way!” buying a few pieces, which combine novelty and utility will make you a happy stylish person!

Au revoir et a la prochaine!

Michele Benza,
Your Image Coach, Stylist

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