Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Michele Benza: YOU ARE FASHION. EXPRESS YOUR TASTE & STYLE!: "Did you know that fashion does not happen in the magazines and retail stores? Fashion designers are just pushing us gently toward new..."


Did you know that fashion does not happen in the magazines and retail stores? Fashion designers are just pushing us gently toward new ideas?

Your Fashion Guru is…..YOU!
Your fashion guru is you. Your favorite model is you again. Your favorite runway is just down your street. There is no need to place famous designers on a pedestal. Remember, they take their cues for design from women like us from all over the world, and only seek to add new style to fashions they are already seeing.
Don’t tell me otherwise….we, the women of every background, lifestyle and income levels are fashion’s bellwether!
We adopt trends daily, and we adapt them to our curves, our personal tastes and personalities. How boring would it be if we all copied the designer’s outfits without adding our personal touch?
Talented marketers pressure us with beautiful full-page advertisements in deluxe magazines, but as smart women we look at the new trends and re-configure what’s best for us. We create our own fashion.
Fashion is an eternal playground where exploration is the key word. 

Create Your Own Fashion Style
Juggling one trend to another is not easy. Between different seasons and styles, the choices pose permanent challenges. In 2011, magazines have nominated the long skirt and sandals queens of the summer, really? Long skirts and sandals are great for weekends and night outs but what during the day?
From minimalist chic and preppy style, our neurons do not know where to turn when it comes to choosing a place in our closets. Fortunately spring has arrived and anything goes! So put away the serious minimalist pieces from last winter and let out the fun side of your wardrobe.
For me oranges, reds and yellows will be my colors for the coming warm days. These three colors united will warm up my silhouette and light up my skin tone.  BTW I just found a great orange boat-neck three-quarter sleeve top that I know will be the highlight of my summer wardrobe. And surprise! The day I purchased the top, I saw a French female newscaster (on TV5) wearing the exact same top! Yes, Yes, Yes! And like Yves Saint Laurent said:  “Don’t hesitate to associate reds and oranges.”
For those of you who prefer cold hues, think Mediterranean seas. Visualize deep blue waters, blue skies, and green topazes from the depth of seas.  Advice: mix with denim pieces, but don’t forget to break up the blue tones with colorful accessories.

Top 5 Items for the Perfect Spring/Summer Style
Fashion is not that complicated.
In my opinion, five items will be sufficient to create your Spring/Summer  2011 signature style: a pretty dress, a colorful jacket, espadrille wedges, a leather bag and sunglasses.
If you have always dreamed about the ballerina flats, but have never practiced ballet; don’t worry. Since the release of Black Swan, the shoe designers have jumped on the opportunity to highlight the flats too.
I know it is easy to say that fashion is not complicated and we all know that fashion is a breeze at twenty, but past thirty, it should become a lifestyle. Fashion goes, style stays.
Dress as your own representative, express you own taste and style and go take on the streets, your own runway.
Mr. Karl Lagerfeld was asked what it means to be “fashionable?” After a silent period he replied “Vous savez, être a la mode ou pas a la mode, quelle importance?” (“You know, in fashion, out of fashion, who cares?”) 

On this final note: Au revoir et a la prochaine!

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