Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Pencil Skirt

Very soon the pencil skirt may well dethrone the miniskirt in women’s hearts and wardrobes.  Today we see them at every fashion show, and on every catwalk.  Don’t worry, unlike most new fashions, it’s easier to wear a pencil skirt than you could possibly imagine!

Some say they are uncomfortable, too sexy for everyday use, and even impractical. They say they are hard to wear, whether you are taking the subway or dropping the kids off at school. Some even accused the pencil skirt of being flattering only on mannequins with long legs!

However, the rising sales and success that the pencil skirt has won in the fashion world is truly remarkable.  This success has encouraged women to dare to wear this feminine attire.

Indeed, it can be difficult to walk in these skirts, but that is a thing of the past; designers have recently optimized their practicality.  First they added creases on the sides so as not to hinder the process of walking (Max Mara).  Then, to increase the range of motion, some designers added stretchy fabrics and mesh knit jersey.  This significantly increases their comfort, making them much easier to wear while performing day-to-day tasks.

The pencil skirt, which arrived in stores this spring, is already a huge success.  Coupled with a cardigan or a plain well cut tee, et voila! a great form of "power dressing."

In the late 1940s, the first pencil skirt was a response to a fashion necessity for the working woman, a beautiful dress without using too much fabric. Today its original function, to dress women in office attire, is still relevant.

"Commercially, it is a piece that works very well… It attracts mostly powerful women, even beyond 60 years of age,” says Carole Bénazet, of the Multi Female Department in Toulouse.

The pencil skirt is now an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe although it does require some confidence to wear, the full acceptance of one's femininity and one's power of seduction.

So what am I saying: all women should have at least one! Its cut flatters no matter what morphology!

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Pencil skirts rule the runways this season.