Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Best Top of the Season -- The Blouse

Surprise! The very ladylike blouse has floated back onto the runways and designers have finally made it super feminine.

This time round, it runs the whole gamut: it is filmy, puffy, floral, colorful, and transparent. It comes in classic plain white cotton and soft or sheer voile. I like it in all these versions and it is once again an essential. And, what’s more, a classic blouse is as versatile as an LBD (Little Black Dress). It can be casual or dressy, flirtatious or sensual.

This season it appears in endless forms, from the classic tailored form that just about hugs the body, to one that billows out. Some blouses are boldly transparent while others have cascades of ruffles.

Never underestimate the importance of tops, be it tees, blouses or sweaters. Since these pieces of clothing are worn close to the face, we should not overlook their impact. Believe it or not, a top can make our complexion glow or make it look dull.

For a chic lightweight style, dare to wear a transparent blouse belted at the waist and accented with a high-waisted skirt to lengthen the legs. To add even more height, wear open toe stilettos.

La femme will wear the blouse tucked in a wide leg pair of jeans­ – to refine her silhouette – with long necklaces gracing her neck.

Topping off with a blouse does not mean you have to be completely covered, especially if you choose a flowing, diaphanous fabric that will play hide and seek with your body. Very flirty and seductive.

To be honest, I want a blouse right now. A lovely green one to wear with a tuxedo suit. Perfect for business!