Monday, July 20, 2009

Personal Image Consulting: The Dreaded Days of Bathing Suit Shopping

Personal Image Consulting: The Dreaded Days of Bathing Suit Shopping

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Dreaded Days of Bathing Suit Shopping

The Dreaded Days of Bathing Suit Shopping

Summer is on our doorstep and for many of us in our fabulous fifties and then some, this is the only time our zeal for shopping wanes. One glance at the tantalizing bathing suits dangling from hangers makes us wince.

We may not share our bathing suit fears with others, but let’s be honest; exposing what we consider our physical flaws to the public is enough to fill us with trepidation as we set off to the beach or the pool.

Take heart! Here are some guidelines to help you select the almost perfect bathing suit for a less than perfect body. But remember, the best way to feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit is to feel comfortable in your own skin even if the years have given up the fight with gravity. Accept your body as it is. Confidence is your best accessory!

And if you need a reminder, look around. We’re all in the same boat so you’re in very good company!

You body type is an ‘8’ or an ‘Hourglass’

Shoulders and hips and a narrow waist make your silhouette perfect. Your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width.

For you everything works and you can indulge your whims. Bikinis and one-piece suits look equally flattering.

This season’s vibrant color trends with maxi motifs and geometric patterns will suit you well.

Your body type is an ‘Inverted Pyramid’

Narrow hips and wide shoulders characterize your silhouette. Since this shape tends to have more masculine lines, you need to feminize it more.

Choose a swimsuit with narrow straps that emphasize your décolleté. The goal here is to draw the eye downward toward the lower part of your body, so your hips appear balanced with your shoulders.

Your body type is ‘Rectangular’

Shoulders and hips are the same width but your waist is not well defined. Your goal is to define your waist and accentuate the curves.

Best for you is a one-piece bathing suit with graphic motifs. If a two-piece bathing suit is your preference, choose one with a triangular lower half so as to break up your rectangular lines. Avoid ‘boy cut’ bottoms.

Your body type is ‘Pyramid’

Shoulders are narrower than the hips so your goal is to place the focus on your shoulders.

Pick a bathing suit with a large wide v-neck or asymmetrical neckline. This will create the illusion that you have broad shoulders and make you look more in proportion.

Absolutely no horizontal lines in the lower area. A ‘pareo’ is your best cover-up and will mask the roundness of your hips.


If you have large breasts, select a bathing suit with a built-in bra. A crisscross design is very flattering and will create a minimizing effect. For a large stomach, a bathing suit with a panel across the midriff will help slenderize this area. And if you are uncomfortable showing too much of your thighs your best bet is a swim-dress which provides more coverage.

Beach Bag Check List

Before you leave home, make sure your beach bag contains the following:

• Sun Hat
• Sunscreen
• Beach towel
• Roll up beach mat
• Bath towel
• Hairbrush
• Tissues
• Water
• MP3 player/iPod
• Reading material

Lastly, when in doubt, it’s best to cover more inches than less. A lovely, long flowing beach cover-up will create a graceful entrance to either the pool or on the beach.

Now go out, catch some sun and have fun!

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