Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Website

I've re-launched MicheleBenza.com with a new look and feel.  What do you think?  I always appreciate your suggestions.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Dress For a Baseball Game

In California, where the seasons are not so obvious, nothing reminds me more that spring has arrived than San Francisco’s Giants‘ baseball!
Being Belgian, baseball was completely foreign to me until a couple of years ago when my son Greg patiently explained the entire game to me. Now I ‘m a diehard fan!  With that in mind, one question plagues me every spring...what do I wear to the ballgame? 
As much as I agree that it is vital to support your team by wearing their colors, and no matter how much I love the Giants, I simply cannot see myself wearing a jersey or baseball hat. Instead, I see the baseball game as an opportunity to wear wonderful colors and outfits we would not normally wear. 
For me that means mostly wearing bright orange, which is a blessing and a curse. Orange can be fun and festive plus it is a good color for me, but if you wear only orange and black you run the risk that you will look like a pumpkin. 
For me, going to the baseball game is outside my comfort zone.  I want to have fun, but – like always – I need to look my best!  I wear orange accessories like belt, scarf, ring, bracelet, watch, shoelaces, socks, and if the Giants go to the final again I may be as crazy as wearing orange eyelashes!
Outdoor stadiums can be challenging as far as what to wear to stay comfortable. There is no outdoor stadium more weather challenged than our magnificent AT&T ballpark...sun, fog and wind can all be present during that one game.  So remember, layers are your best friends.

A Bientôt,

PS--I've compiled a trend report of great spring trends to watch out for. See below for some great trends from ModeWalk.