Friday, March 25, 2011

Michele Benza: Learn How To Beautify Yourself Without Shedding A ...

Michele Benza: Learn How To Beautify Yourself Without Shedding A ...: "Follow me and learn how to beautify yourself without shedding a pound! On Tuesday 3/29/2011 at 12:30PM. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/e..."

Learn How To Beautify Yourself Without Shedding A Pound!

Follow me and learn how to beautify yourself without shedding a pound! On Tuesday 3/29/2011 at 12:30PM.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eatingfree/2011/03/29/losing-weight-may-not-improve-your-self-image

 Surprised? Well, Manuel and Sarah from Eating Free.com will now set the record straight! Think about it: how many people embark on a weight loss journey hoping to boost their self-image? And how many reach their goals only to find that they still have the same beliefs about their image and self-worth? So what is a person to do? Two experts share what they know about improving self-image and self-worth. Guest speaker Jeff Benson, psychotherapist will explain the psychological component of self-image and what to do to boost mental health. Guest speaker Michele Benza is an image consultant who will share her tips on how to beautify yourself without shedding a pound!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Americanization of Le Marais too

New York Times 3/10/2011 -- The Americanization of the Rue ST.Honore ...and Le Maris too

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michele Benza: Spring summer 2011 Colors Appear Brighten Than Eve...

Michele Benza: Spring summer 2011 Colors Appear Brighten Than Eve...:

Spring summer 2011 Colors Appear Brighten Than Ever

The results are in, the stores are filled with colors! The Spring/Summer 2011 (SS 2011) leading trends give us something to look forward to. Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to: Lower hemlines, bright colors, stripes, cross-over bags, flat sandals, blooms, higher-waisted tailoring, wider-legged trousers and soft make-up.
Up & Down: The Right Hemline
Finding the right skirt length is a major concern in the field of fashion. From mini to maxi, everything is now possible.
Gabrielle Chanel used to say: “There is nothing uglier than the knee.” This spring, we will not be seeing knees.  Houses like Prada, Vuitton, Chloe and others have pulled on the dresses to bring the hem down. The lower hemline will be even more present in next fall.
Regine Beraud, director of women's fashion style at the Bon Marche Paris, said she agreed that le genou cache (the hidden knee) will be highly appreciated.
The skirt is a few inches longer, which completes the era of micro skirts. Enfin! (finally)
Spring/Summer (SS) 2011 – Explosion of Colors!!
The winds of freedom are blowing through the colorful SS 2011 collections. They flaunt flashy colors from head to toe.
Who says you cannot mix all colors together?! This summer all the mixtures are allowed! SS 2011 will be colorful!
Indeed, watching the SS 2011 Fashion Week from le Printemps-Hausman’s Fashion Café, I perceived a multitude of colors: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander and Sonia Rykiel are mixing three different colors. Gucci presented a stylish outfit mixing a purple top with turquoise pants and a duck orange jacket. The second, Louis Vuitton, offers a sexy and dynamic evening wear, with a transparent pink top and a high-waisted blue pants with red details. Jill Sanders opted for a more casual look with flashy colors while Sonia Rykiel preferred pastel colors, which blend perfectly. 

It is not easy to find something to suit our feet. Yet the spring-summer collections are generally those that appeal most to our feet.
My first impression about SS 2011 shoe collections is that designers have had pity of us and have created great pumps with heels that are ‘wearable’. Example: most Emporio Armani shoes are 2 to 3.5 inches! Merci Giorgio!
Like the next season many colors, shoes will come in a great variety of style and color choices, from boots, ballet flats, platform pumps or sandals, your feet will be trendy. Be aware, shoe shopping can quickly become an addiction. Don’t walk the streets in search of ‘the’ pair of shoes that might claim your shoe passion unless … you leave your credit cards safely home.
Shoes once again are en force and will be our main fashion assets.
Whatever trend is unfolding in fashion, make-up always follows it up with inventions that complete the look. It is very important to properly align seasonal makeup with these fashion trends. Update your SS 2011 makeup to complement the fashion season using a matching color palette that go with the mood of the tendances. Makeup artist Kathy Thorpe says that eye makeup is now an accessory to your eyes; that lips are colorful and that loose powders are coming back.
I am happy to say hello to spring. It’s going to be fun wearing natural make-up with bright lipstick and soft pastel for the eyes, and pairing it with our barely tanned skin this summer.
Now, Just for Fun…

For those who like me collect bottle of perfume, check this one: Perfume Bottle “Beyond “by Anna Dello Russo and for the cat lovers, lipstick by Paul and Joe Beaute.

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