Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Snobisim

Can you socially identify a woman only on the bag she carries? In a certain era we could, now with all of the imitation designer fashions around it is impossible to say who is who and who wears what.

And the wrist-watch? The watch too,  was once a sign of a certain standing. But the symbol of a watch is now gone for so many. For generations, the watch was 'the' gift from father to son and sometimes the watch was given down from one generation to the other, but now the watch has barely any meaning of standard.

Shoes too were a way to make a statement.  Especially, the ones with the red sole. As an aside--I can’t help but wonder who invented stilettos? It was surely not a woman!  Have you recently walked in this contraption? Not only the ankles are miss-treated and suffer hard, but also the foot position is at a 45-degree angle, which is absolutely unnatural.

We have to walk on our tiptoes to avoid grids, grass, pebbles, sand or our high skinny heels go into deep.  Deep sofas and armchairs are our enemies too, from which we have to get up with grace without loosing our balance. In short, stilettos are instruments of torture!

And who makes us wear them? Men of course. They are so happy to see us walk in those stilts under the pretence that it gives us a lovely leg. Do you think men’s pleasure is to see us suffer? But vengeance is already on its way with the new generation. Look how young women dress these days in jeans, loose tees and sneakers and clogs!

All of this is to say, please, don’t be a slave, nor a snob to fashion. Know your body and what flatters it, and keep in mind the current styles and trends, but do not be beholden to them when they don’t work for you.  Fashion is flexible.
A Bientôt,