Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hats are Hot! Hats are Back!

I had such a fun time!
Hats are Back and Hats are Hot!
Michele Benza

Hats are transformative

Winter beware! I am prepared. I have warm overcoats, water resistant raincoats and a toasty puffer to fend off cold, rain and icy winds. Well almost prepared. All I lack now are a couple of great hats to keep my head warm and dry and add glamour to my look.

I love hats but must admit that I don’t wear them often enough. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see that this accessory no longer belongs to the exclusive domain of haute couture. Hats are Hot! Hats are back! And fashion magazines are splashing the message across their pages.

Hats are the perfect way to add a touch of class and style to your outfit day or night. Hats can be utilitarian too. In the summer, they protect our skin from damaging sunrays. And when you’re having a bad hair day, the best thing to do is hide your hair under a hat! The French call a hat for this occasion, a ‘Cache-misère’- loosely translated, a cover-up or camouflage.

Since hats are all over the place this season, I thought it would be helpful to introduce you to professional milliner, Peg Purcell, owner of Hats on Post in San Francisco, www.hatsonpost.com.
Peg has had a lifelong passion for hats and has been wearing them since age three when her father bought her a Wee Scottish Hat! She is trained in millinery design and has expertise to share. If you want to make a hat smaller or larger or you wish to revamp an oldie into an elegant goodie, Peg has the answer.
How you care for your hat depends on the fabric used, whether to clean, reshape or store it. If in doubt, bring your hat to Peg and she will tell you specifically what you need to do.
When it comes to buying a hat, keep in mind what Peg said to me. “Your face is ‘the picture’ so consider the hat as the ‘frame.’ Don’t you love that concept? Peg added that a hat should not only frame your face but also reflect your personality and complement your physical proportions. The general rule is to choose a hat that counterbalances the shape of your face. But you know me, I tend to bend the rules and even break them on occasion. And I am not inclined to put anyone in a box.
Here are some guidelines to be considered when buying a hat:
• The shape and size of your face and head.
• The height of your forehead.
• How your eyes are set.
• How your eyebrows are set in relation to your nose.
• Is your nose short or a bit long?
• Demeanor and even height are important factors as well.
Come to think of it, choosing a hat is similar to picking out the right pair of eyeglasses.
Equally important is the reason for the purchase: What function does your hat serve? Is it for sun protection, for everyday use or for a special event? Is it for a gala, a wedding, a wine tasting or are you buying it to uplift your spirits and help you feel playful and lighthearted?
If you feel shy about experimenting with hats in large stores, find a really good hat store in your area like Peg’s, where you can receive one-to-one guidance in finding the perfect hat in comfort and privacy.

Before hitting the streets with your brand new chapeau, I recommend you try it on at home to get used to it. You may even want to personalize it by adding a brooch, a feather, a veil…and transform your basic hat into today’s hottest trend, the “Fascinator.”

Now, let me take off my hat and thank you all for the wonderful support you have given me since I opened my image-consulting studio in 2004. My grateful thanks for making my progress possible.


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