Thursday, September 10, 2009

PARIS POTINS (Paris Gossip)

Who says that ‘back to school’ is synonymous with ‘metro, boulot, dodo’ (subway, work, sleep)? Not me! I’m rejoicing because summer’s end means new trends that’ll invade my closets and rock my fall season.
Tartans, furs, capes and the colors violet and orange rule and are the must-adds to your closet this fall!

Tendance Ultra-Violet
Ultra-Violet is evident everywhere in Paris: on shoes, belts, dresses and handbags. Violet will refresh and perk up the grays and blacks in your winter wardrobe. And there are enough shades of this wonderful color for you to find the perfect one to complement your complexion and wardrobe. If you find the Ultra-Violet too bold a statement, then subdue it with muted mauves or deeper tones like prune or eggplant. You can choose to make any of these colors your total look or simply add splashes of them to your accessories.
Tendance Tartan
Whatever you prefer to call it, tartan or plaid, it is this fall’s big comeback trend and can be found imprinted on coats, scarves, skirts and handbags. Be aware though that tartan should be used in moderation. My recommendation: accessorize with it.

Tendance Fourrure (fur)
After a shy comeback last winter, fur has returned with panache. Real or synthetic, you will find fur items to keep your back and feet warm, and as trimming on handbags. But like plaid, be careful how you wear it. A few simple touches here and there will suffice. But I dare you to wear a fur vest! IF you can carry it off!

Tendance Orange
Orange in a variety of hues—from reddish-orange to apricot­­­­­—is the other winter color of choice for designers like Ralph Lauren and Nina Ricci. Again, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for you. A note on orange: Do NOT wear it with black! Who wants the Halloween look? Think orange and khaki, orange and brown and orange and gray. Fabulous! BUT remember, orange does not always complement your complexion. Adjust your blush and lipstick accordingly.

Tendance Cape
For two winters now, the cape has been strong on runways. And again, this year it is still here, original and elegant as ever. Mini version or maxi, with or without buttons, black or colored. Perfect on a straight or pencil skirt for a chic look. The most versatile colors are black or gray and a cape in either color will add a sophisticated swish to whatever you’re wearing.

Tendance Handbags
CHANEL is launching its new handbag collection any day now.

And speaking of CHANEL, the latest potin (gossip)—via cyber space’s blogs—is that KARL IS LEAVING CHANEL…can this really be true? Rumor has it that the new chic Parisian, Albert Elbaz, Lanvin’s Artistic Director, will replace him. But, don’t panic yet; Karl will design next year’s Chanel collection. After that qui vivra verra… who lives will see.


Beth Ditto, star singer of Gossip is everywhere. In partnership with Evans, an English brand that focuses on stylish plus-size women’s fashions, Beth has designed and launched a mini collection. Think leather jackets and sequined tops that mirror her image: Rock’n Roll fun!

Every year, H&M calls on a designer for a capsule collection that will be sold in its stores within a few minutes of opening. This time it knocked on the door of renowned shoe and handbag designer, Jimmy Choo.
So fashionistas mark your calendars and get in line early November 14, at H&M, and be among the first to purchase something très chic from the first ever Jimmy Choo collection of men and women’s wear.

The classic trench coat, the fitted dress and black tuxedos are all excellent investments for the coming season.
For those wondering how to wear a women’s tuxedo, slip into one for a formal or semi-formal event. Or add pizzazz to staple pieces by splitting the tux and wearing the jacket or the pants.

Et voilà!