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Michele Benza: Fresh-faced. The New Cosmetic Trend

Michele Benza: Fresh-faced. The New Cosmetic Trend: "Fresh-faced as The New Cosmetic Trend By Michele Benza Makeup should highlight the features and expose the inner beauty of women . Ma..."

Fresh-faced. The New Cosmetic Trend

Fresh-faced as The New Cosmetic Trend


Michele Benza

Makeup should highlight the features and expose the inner beauty of women .

Makeup, used properly, has the amazing power to make it possible to refine the face and to bring it closer to the achievement of ideal beauty.

At all times women, and some men, have sought to show their face at the best angle and in the best light. Now tricks and gimmicks are used to attain the goal of ultimate beauty with relative ease.

Women wear makeup to be more feminine and to be more attractive to others. Playing with makeup gives them a chance to express their creativity and highlight their beauty. Cleopatra's lipsticks were made from finely crushed carmine beetles, and Queen Elizabeth I became one of Britain's most celebrated users of natural beauty lotions.

A couple of years ago, Elle France published Stars Sans Fards (Stars Without Makeup). It was so refreshing to see these celebrities sans maquillage (without makeup), after all, they are ordinary women who must deal with the everyday routine just like we do. It can be shocking to see these celebrities in “bare faces” because when we usually see them in magazines and on the screens they are so heavily made-up.

This brings me to realize that there is a healthy in-between somewhere between being made-up and a fresh-faced, no-makeup, makeup look. I love those days when I wear just enough makeup to hide my flaws but still look attractive to others. I love it when people notice the beauty of my face and luster of my skin before the shade of my shadow, blush or lipstick. These are my no make-up makeup days. (Not to be confused with being truly bare-faced).

The most popular of all the makeup should undoubtedly be a natural style. The fresh-faced makeup look emphasizes the best natural facial features while not looking made up. It is the most versatile, and suitable for any outfit and the most flattering for almost every face.

I like to remind my clients that our face is the most important part of our body and should never be neglected. We can hide our legs, arms, hands and hair but the face we cannot (in our culture). Therefore, we must make sure that our skin is as flawless and attractive as possible.

How to achieve the fresh-faced makeup look.
A fresh-faced make up is almost invisible and should take only a few minutes to apply:
Apply a tinted day cream or very light foundation. If necessary, apply some corrections on dark circles and imperfections. Just enough mascara, of a natural color on the lashes will highlight a natural look. A little blush on the cheekbones, and en final the ultimate essential feminine gesture: touch of color on the lips.

Unless you are a makeup addict, there is no need to have a drawer full of unused makeup products. Cosmetic products have a shelf life longer than some years ago because of the preservatives added however; it should be sorted out from time to time to avoid having a skin reaction. Remember, that additional time spent rummaging through unused products, only adds to the duration of your morning routine. Do yourself a favor and purge the cosmetic cabinet frequently.

Remember, always remain faithful to your maquillage and like in fashion have fun with the trends.

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