Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Celebrate the Holiday Season With a Little Bling!

What better way to celebrate the Holiday season than by spoiling yourself with a lovely piece of jewelry?

Jewelry can be made out of any material on earth and can adorn any part of your body. While the focus has been on jewelry that is made from gems and precious metals, there is also a growing demand for jewelry that focuses on design and creativity.

This ‘art jewelry’ is more highly prized for its form than for it’s material value. In addition, there’s plenty of less-costly costume jewelry made with less valuable material, yet makes a fine addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Fortunately, no matter the depth of your pocket, there is jewelry to suit every budget.

Choosing jewelry that enhances your looks is fun and exciting, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. So keep the following in mind to make the right selections that compliment your unique style: 

If warm colors go well with your skin tone, choose jewelry in shades of yellow, rose gold, or bronze. If you find that cooler colors suit you better, then choose white metals, such as silver, platinum or white gold.
Another element to consider when selecting jewelry is your personality.

Are you a romantic gal, or is elegance more your style? Are you drawn more to the natural, bohemian look, or more to western dramatic designs?

Most of us are multifaceted, so our wardrobe - and thus our jewelry - should reflect this aspect of ourselves. If you have lovely, well-manicured hands, wear only one beautiful ring (in addition to a wedding ring, if you wear one). If your neck is your best asset, wear a necklace as the focus of your image, but make sure to wear tiny earrings.

Do not wear yellow earrings with a white metal necklace unless the necklace includes both yellow and white metals (my personal preference!). Remember to make a statement not a showcase. Focus on one piece of jewelry. More is definitely not better!

 Also, it’s important that you to take care of your jewelry. Polish your silver pieces and make sure to check clasps and mountings regularly on all your jewelry. Be gentle, or you might lose important pieces from your favorite earrings or necklace. In French, there is a saying, "Dis-moi quels bijoux tu portes et je te dirai qui tu es." Or in English: "Tell me what type of jewelry you wear and I will tell you who you are." Thus, it is important to remember that the jewelry you wear is an integral part of your image. Choose pieces that improve your image and are appropriate for you. Remember that your image is your first form of communication as well as your first business card. So choose your jewelry well, and enjoy wearing it!

Happy Holiday Season!