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Invitation: Trunk Show on March 13

PS--If March 13 doesn't work for you--watch for our encore show on March 27th.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day, Time For A New Fragrance.

A unique perfume can be part of our identity and having a unique identity is the foundation from which beauty starts.  Unfortunately, this also makes us hesitant to try new things.  We all want to preserve our unique character.  For some of us, it’s nice to be able to change our fragrance with every season.  Others, like me, are faithful to the scents they have worn for years.  These scents come to represent who we are.

Fragrance is expressed once in contact with the skin and the final scent will be different from woman to woman.  A few drops of perfume should be applied inside the wrists, elbow, hairline, and the hollow of the neck.  Over the course of the day the fragrance will reveal its presence depending on your movements and the time of day.  Always remember that it’s important to make sure your fragrance is not overwhelming.

Every September, designers present their newest fragrances in time for the holidays.  As I mentioned early, there is nothing wrong with sticking with your current perfumes, but since there are so many new fragrances each year, it’s always fun to explore.

Here is an assortment of fragrances that got my attention.  Before reading each description, think to yourself: what scents fit me?  Will it be a sensuous, light, and delicious fragrance with hints of spring?  Or do you think that a bold fragrance will highlight your personality better?

"La Vie Est Belle" by LancĂ´me

The noses:  Anne Flipo, Olivier Polge and Dominique Ropion, three of the most well-known French perfumers. “La Vie Est Belle” is designed from the finest ingredients: Iris, Absolu de Jasmin, Patchouli, and Orange Flower.

"Coco Noir" Chanel

Last fall Chanel unveiled its new fragrance developed by nose Jacques Polge, "Coco Noir.”  The notes are reminiscent of grapefruit, bergamot from Calabria, essence of rose, absolu, jasmine, narcissus and geranium leaf.

"Mademoiselle Ricci" Nina Ricci

Designed by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, this deliciously floral and woody musk is my favorite of last year’s novelties. This fragrance is romantic and modern.  Not only is the fragrance something to behold, but the bottle itself it is a work of art.  The perfume comes in an elegant, powdered pink bottle with a beautiful metallic ribbon for a cap.

"Manifesto" by Yves Saint Laurent

Developed by noses Loc Dong and Anne Flipo, this fragrance is built around jasmine. Floral notes of this plant are complemented by extracts of white petals, lily of the valley, and cassis. The bottle is also luxurious.  It is embellished with a golden cap and is carved to mimic feminine curves.

"Catch me ..." Cacharel

The new fragrance from Cacharel ... ‘Catch me’ revolves around the orange blossom. Designed by Dominique Ropion, the fragrance reveals a mischievous and playful femininity. This is a bold and delicious perfume.  The bottle reflects an object of desire. ‘Catch me’ is multifaceted, generous and elegant.

"Fame" by Lady Gaga

Conceived by master perfumer Richard Herpin, in partnership with Honorine Blanc and Nathalie Lorson, the fragrance is built around the Belladonna which is accompanied by incense, notes of honey fondant, saffron, and apricot nectar, as well as extracts of tiger orchid and jasmine sambac.  Uniquely, 'Fame' is a black perfume that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne. Upon its release it became the fastest selling perfume of all time, selling 6 million bottles in its first week.

Dolce and Gabanna, ‘The One’

Modern and light, this multifaceted fragrance can be romantic, sensual or festive.  It’s made with bergamot and is accompanied by mandarin, lychee and peach. ‘The One’ plays the card of seduction with its rectangular bottle and golden cap.

I personally am very conservative about perfumes.  I rarely change fragrances.  So I usually wear Mitsouko from Guerlain.  My other favorite is La Cologne du Parfumeur also from Guerlain.

Which perfume do you think defines you?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

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