Thursday, July 29, 2010

Michele's 10 Delightful Discoveries

1. A three-in-one bra that rescues your breasts!
Restore the firm, round breasts of your twenties
with the help of DIM’s fabulous new bra, “Osmose.” It reshapes, recenters and holds your breasts up the way they looked when you were young!


2. Nude Sunglasses
With nudes and neutrals playing a huge role in this season's color palette, a great way to follow the trend is through your sunglasses. While oversized round, black sunglasses are a great addition to your eyewear collection, I must say I think adding a pair of nude frames would add a touch of élan to your look!

3. Toe Covers
My mother-in-law introduced toe covers to me several years ago. What a gift that was! They’ve saved me, or rather my toes, from painful blisters. Toe covers also keep the inside of your shoes clean and dry. And best of all, they are also made for open-toe shoes.

4. Panty by Post – How fun!
Can you imagine being surprised each month by a delightfully feminine and sexy package delivered to your mailbox? Panty by Post, a Canadian website, offers a monthly subscription so good for your morale that it should be reimbursed by your health insurance! Sign up, select your size, and voila, you can begin stalking your mailbox in anticipation.
You already know the euphoric effect of buying beautiful lingerie, so you can just imagine the thrill of unpacking your little package each month and discovering the soft, sexy shapes and textures wrapped inside. (You can choose to be surprised or select the styles and colors you want.)

What a fun way to surprise your man too!

5. Beautiful ‘green’ nails
It’s all about green! No, I'm not recommending you paint your nails green—but rather that you buy a nail polish that lasts and that is ecologically friendly to your nails and the environment. Zoya Nail Polish has been acclaimed as the longest-wearing natural nail polish by an independent panel in Women’s Health Magazine. Zoya offers over 300 colors as well as a base, topcoat and a mild acetone formula nail polish remover.

6. A Delicious Bakery in Paris!
Bread and Roses, a restaurant-bakery, a few steps away form rue Saint-Honoré in the sixth arrondissement, is one of the finest epicurean sites in Paris. The décor is a bit cold but quickly forgotten because of the warm reception received by the elegantly dressed staff. The organic breads are to die for, as is everything else on the menu. Yummy! A place to visit the next time you are in Paris that will satisfy all the senses.
Bread & Roses
7 rue de Fleurus
75006 Paris

7. Top Models’ Secrets
When we see those gorgeous gals with their flawless faces, it is easy to imagine that they follow a strict regimen. Not a chance! The supermodels are just like us! They don’t only drink tisanes. They like to go out and party and make the most of Parisian nightlife. The difference between them and us? They’re experts at dealing with the morning after!
• Swollen eyes: This is when you need chamomile tea. Infuse two chamomile bags for three minutes, place one bag on each eye for 10 minutes. Then drink the remaining infusion et voilà!
• Dull Hair: Treat “poison” with “poison.” After shampooing and rinsing, give a final rinse with a little vodka. Yes, really! Vodka closes the scales of the hair and adds shine. But if that doesn’t do it for you, rinse with three tablespoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, diluted in a bowl of water.
• Muddy complexion: Apply honey on the face, rinse off after 10 minutes. Instant radiance guaranteed.

8. iPhone owners
I’m always frustrated when I have to remove my gloves to use my iPhone. Remedy? Fingerless gloves. They come in many colors and will add a little je ne sais quoi to your outfit.

9. Don’t let them get under your skin
How many times has unwanted hair spoiled an impromptu swim on a hot summer’s day? And how many countless minutes have we spent tracking pesky hairs with tweezers or played chemists in our bathrooms with wax and hair removal creams? Enough already! Thanks to Lumea Philips, a French company that has launched a handheld device that uses intense pulse light technology (IPL) to inhibit hair growth, those times are all over. By repeating the operation every two weeks, regrowth is eventually safely prevented
(Unfortunately, it is not recommended for those of us with red, gray, or naturally light blond hair or who have very dark skin.)

10. Touche Éclat, the best concealer!
Another one of my favorites, Touche Éclat, is the best ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent’s make-up line. This product has revolutionized the ritual of make-up on the go¬–whether it be on film sets, the backstage of fashion shows, or out on the town at night. Touche Éclat can be applied any time of the day or night thanks to the texture of the product. It is as an essential handbag item as your cell phone, lipstick and keys. It truly is the star of make-up stars!

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