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Michele Benza: Are We Doomed?

Michele Benza: Are We Doomed?: Fashion Trends: Are We Doomed? By Michele Benza Image & Style Fashion Consultant It seems that our society has become ultra-casual in d...

Are We Doomed?

Fashion Trends: Are We Doomed?

By Michele Benza
Image & Style Fashion Consultant

It seems that our society has become ultra-casual in dress and manners. Dress codes have evolved, however there are still certain conventions that must be respected.

Not so long ago, men and women used to dress better and appeared to take pride in their appearance. Now days, it is not unusual to see young and not so young people wear pajamas to shop (even to fly)…. to wear jeans full of holes (too often in the wrong places) and clothes that do not fit i.e. too small for large bodies.

2011 Fashion: Have we become slobs?

I dislike slobs, bad manners, and lack of etiquette be it professional or social. Are we doomed to be this way and, will it become worse in the future? (Is that possible?)

In the past, men and women took pride in walking down the streets in elegant attire. People did dress tastefully although it took time and effort. Comfortable dressing was not important, what was important was to project a good image of oneself and one’s honor.

And yes, every day they took time with their grooming and they would be impeccably dressed. I am not saying that we have to go back to the fail-safe uniform of power suits.

I recommend that we dress for our personality, that we do not leave our personal style outside the picture. A creative personality should be creative with its clothes. An innovative thinker should dress like one.

There are no two identical human beings, so why dress like everyone else and disappear into the wallpaper? We are all different is sizes, personality and all and that is what makes us interesting.

Fashion Trends Have Always Created Conflict

Am I crazy to think that way? Or maybe as the years go by I have a difficult time understanding a certain ‘mode’ (fashion). This generation conflict is not new; it does exist and always will. In the past, our grandparents were shocked with our parents’ jeans and our mother’s slacks. When I attended grammar school and high school (in Brussels) pants for girls were a no-no.

Coco Chanel introduced our Mothers to little suits that we now find a bit ‘old’ fashion unless worn with a je ne sais quoi.

Brigitte Bardot brought us La nouvelle vague (the new wave) and the cute ‘Vichy’ dress or slim ankle length pants and flats.

Madonna topped it all with her sexy outfits and scandalized our parents.

To this day, I still like the beau chic beau genre of Audrey Hepburn, I sometimes wonder if it is nostalgia. Thankfully, extremes usually self-correct, and sure enough, young women have become more careful about their string showing and most young men are now pulling up their pants to a normal waist height.

Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Trends

But all that said, I wonder sometimes if fashion designers hate us that much that they want us to wear such unconventional outfits (see below). Here a little aperçu of what FW2011 has in its sleeves for both men and women:

A la prochaine,


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Losing Weight May Not Improve Your Self Image

Losing Weight May Not Improve Your Self-Image
Michele Benza

Surprised? Well, I am here to set the record straight! A few months ago I was an invited guest on The Eating Free Internet Talk Radio show (http://tinyurl.com/44uvquh). Together with hosts Manuel and Sarah, we have given the matter much discussion, and we have come to the conclusion that losing weight may not improve self-image.

Think about it: how many people embark on a weight loss journey hoping to boost their self-image? And how many reach their goals only to find that they still have the same beliefs about their image and self-worth? So what is a person to do? Psychotherapist Jeff Benson explains the psychological component of self-image and what you can do to boost yours.

He says that the main reason why most overweight people want to loose the weight is because they want to improve their self-image. However, many of those who have dropped the weight and decreased their clothes size, sometimes even by several sizes, still have a difficult time improving their self-image.  Why? Because the mindset does not match the body. 

After the weight loss and the drop in sizes they sometimes still see a ‘heavy’ person in the mirror although they are now thin. People that have lost the weight are sometimes disconnected with reality. Where is it coming from? Perhaps during childhood, they may have adopted inaccurate ideas and perceptions from family and friends, and therefore they think that is what they still are ‘a fat kid.’ This belief will stay with them even after the weight loss and all the hard work it takes to attain their new figure. They think that way because inside they still believe they are fat even after they have lost the weight. This is what’s called ‘self-image’ and this self-image reflects on their self-esteem.

To take action and change the perception that they have of themselves, they need to shift their thinking. Benson encourages us to modify these beliefs with the following steps:

Read self-help books
Be pro-active and notice negative thoughts, and change thinking
Draw a picture of yourself before and after the weight loss
Draw a picture of how you believe people see you now
Use mantras all over the house: ‘I have lost that many pounds’
Display pictures of yourself before and after the weight loss

These tips will help you to shift your thinking because after all, it is not what the scale says, but it is about what their mind tells you.

Once the self-image has been improved and you can see yourself for who you really are, your self-esteem and self-image will increase as well.
When the psychological aspect of the weight loss is resolved it becomes easy to update your physical appearance. Trying on new clothes is invigorating and exciting. A new color or style in your wardrobe is an adventure, and your favorites are not the clothes that make you feel “comfortable” but the ones that you truly feel beautiful in. 

My first recommendation to someone who has lost weight and thus dropped in sizes is to do a clean out of the wardrobe and get rid of the pieces that have become too large. Keeping the ‘large’ outfits is an open invitation for pounds to return. Getting rid of the ‘large’ outfits is an enticement to continue the discipline of loosing weight.

When the ‘fat’ kid who is now the ‘slim’ kid will wear well-fitted, appropriate clothing, I can assure you that the self-worth will take a huge step forward.

I have said many times before and will repeat it again: No matter what the scale says, no matter the size tag in our garments, we are all beautiful. We all have great features that begged to be enhanced; we all have flaws that need to be camouflaged. At that is what image coaching can do for you.

A la prochaine,

Michele Benza
Your Personal Image Coach
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Michele Benza: Fresh-faced. The New Cosmetic Trend

Michele Benza: Fresh-faced. The New Cosmetic Trend: "Fresh-faced as The New Cosmetic Trend By Michele Benza Makeup should highlight the features and expose the inner beauty of women . Ma..."

Fresh-faced. The New Cosmetic Trend

Fresh-faced as The New Cosmetic Trend


Michele Benza

Makeup should highlight the features and expose the inner beauty of women .

Makeup, used properly, has the amazing power to make it possible to refine the face and to bring it closer to the achievement of ideal beauty.

At all times women, and some men, have sought to show their face at the best angle and in the best light. Now tricks and gimmicks are used to attain the goal of ultimate beauty with relative ease.

Women wear makeup to be more feminine and to be more attractive to others. Playing with makeup gives them a chance to express their creativity and highlight their beauty. Cleopatra's lipsticks were made from finely crushed carmine beetles, and Queen Elizabeth I became one of Britain's most celebrated users of natural beauty lotions.

A couple of years ago, Elle France published Stars Sans Fards (Stars Without Makeup). It was so refreshing to see these celebrities sans maquillage (without makeup), after all, they are ordinary women who must deal with the everyday routine just like we do. It can be shocking to see these celebrities in “bare faces” because when we usually see them in magazines and on the screens they are so heavily made-up.

This brings me to realize that there is a healthy in-between somewhere between being made-up and a fresh-faced, no-makeup, makeup look. I love those days when I wear just enough makeup to hide my flaws but still look attractive to others. I love it when people notice the beauty of my face and luster of my skin before the shade of my shadow, blush or lipstick. These are my no make-up makeup days. (Not to be confused with being truly bare-faced).

The most popular of all the makeup should undoubtedly be a natural style. The fresh-faced makeup look emphasizes the best natural facial features while not looking made up. It is the most versatile, and suitable for any outfit and the most flattering for almost every face.

I like to remind my clients that our face is the most important part of our body and should never be neglected. We can hide our legs, arms, hands and hair but the face we cannot (in our culture). Therefore, we must make sure that our skin is as flawless and attractive as possible.

How to achieve the fresh-faced makeup look.
A fresh-faced make up is almost invisible and should take only a few minutes to apply:
Apply a tinted day cream or very light foundation. If necessary, apply some corrections on dark circles and imperfections. Just enough mascara, of a natural color on the lashes will highlight a natural look. A little blush on the cheekbones, and en final the ultimate essential feminine gesture: touch of color on the lips.

Unless you are a makeup addict, there is no need to have a drawer full of unused makeup products. Cosmetic products have a shelf life longer than some years ago because of the preservatives added however; it should be sorted out from time to time to avoid having a skin reaction. Remember, that additional time spent rummaging through unused products, only adds to the duration of your morning routine. Do yourself a favor and purge the cosmetic cabinet frequently.

Remember, always remain faithful to your maquillage and like in fashion have fun with the trends.

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A la prochaine,

Your Personal Image Coach/Fashion Stylist.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Michele Benza: YOU ARE FASHION. EXPRESS YOUR TASTE & STYLE!: "Did you know that fashion does not happen in the magazines and retail stores? Fashion designers are just pushing us gently toward new..."


Did you know that fashion does not happen in the magazines and retail stores? Fashion designers are just pushing us gently toward new ideas?

Your Fashion Guru is…..YOU!
Your fashion guru is you. Your favorite model is you again. Your favorite runway is just down your street. There is no need to place famous designers on a pedestal. Remember, they take their cues for design from women like us from all over the world, and only seek to add new style to fashions they are already seeing.
Don’t tell me otherwise….we, the women of every background, lifestyle and income levels are fashion’s bellwether!
We adopt trends daily, and we adapt them to our curves, our personal tastes and personalities. How boring would it be if we all copied the designer’s outfits without adding our personal touch?
Talented marketers pressure us with beautiful full-page advertisements in deluxe magazines, but as smart women we look at the new trends and re-configure what’s best for us. We create our own fashion.
Fashion is an eternal playground where exploration is the key word. 

Create Your Own Fashion Style
Juggling one trend to another is not easy. Between different seasons and styles, the choices pose permanent challenges. In 2011, magazines have nominated the long skirt and sandals queens of the summer, really? Long skirts and sandals are great for weekends and night outs but what during the day?
From minimalist chic and preppy style, our neurons do not know where to turn when it comes to choosing a place in our closets. Fortunately spring has arrived and anything goes! So put away the serious minimalist pieces from last winter and let out the fun side of your wardrobe.
For me oranges, reds and yellows will be my colors for the coming warm days. These three colors united will warm up my silhouette and light up my skin tone.  BTW I just found a great orange boat-neck three-quarter sleeve top that I know will be the highlight of my summer wardrobe. And surprise! The day I purchased the top, I saw a French female newscaster (on TV5) wearing the exact same top! Yes, Yes, Yes! And like Yves Saint Laurent said:  “Don’t hesitate to associate reds and oranges.”
For those of you who prefer cold hues, think Mediterranean seas. Visualize deep blue waters, blue skies, and green topazes from the depth of seas.  Advice: mix with denim pieces, but don’t forget to break up the blue tones with colorful accessories.

Top 5 Items for the Perfect Spring/Summer Style
Fashion is not that complicated.
In my opinion, five items will be sufficient to create your Spring/Summer  2011 signature style: a pretty dress, a colorful jacket, espadrille wedges, a leather bag and sunglasses.
If you have always dreamed about the ballerina flats, but have never practiced ballet; don’t worry. Since the release of Black Swan, the shoe designers have jumped on the opportunity to highlight the flats too.
I know it is easy to say that fashion is not complicated and we all know that fashion is a breeze at twenty, but past thirty, it should become a lifestyle. Fashion goes, style stays.
Dress as your own representative, express you own taste and style and go take on the streets, your own runway.
Mr. Karl Lagerfeld was asked what it means to be “fashionable?” After a silent period he replied “Vous savez, être a la mode ou pas a la mode, quelle importance?” (“You know, in fashion, out of fashion, who cares?”) 

On this final note: Au revoir et a la prochaine!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ageless, Timeless, Effortless, Priceless.


Agelessness is a term we refer to when someone or something appears never to age. The definition itself means “not appearing to age” (dictionary.com).
Agelessness can also be applied to your sense of style.

Consistent Style Does Not Equal Dull Appearance
One of my style secrets is consistency. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a consistent appearance is a dull appearance.  Au contraire, once we have found the colors and shapes that fit us best, our wardrobe becomes stylish and there we just found our style!
Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn had one thing in common; they possessed their own signature style.  This led them to become fashion icons, who truly remain ageless. Nobody is too old or too young to find their signature style.

Your Signature Style is Timeless

Timelessness means without beginning or end, in this instance a wardrobe that will stay in style for a very long time.  Your ageless wardrobe can also be timeless.

The right pieces, in the right combination can last through the ebb and flow of fad fashions with simple, affordable accessory changes to keep current.

In tough economic times, owning a timeless wardrobe you can count on is more important than ever. This means, we have to invest in a few quality pieces instead of quantity.

As an ageless wardrobe means all can wear it, a timeless wardrobe means that it will never go out of style because it is built on basic classic pieces.  The purpose of a timeless wardrobe is to provide staple to your closet that you can wear year after year and not look démodé (out of style).
A few basic pieces that you will wear for years to come will become a great investment – remember Cost Per Wear <http://www.bayareawj.com/how-much-are-you-really-spending-on-your-clothes-shoes-and-accessories/> . Timeless style with essential pieces will keep you looking fabulous all year round. Although not immortal, a timeless wardrobe will go through the passage of time without a wrinkle.

Your Timeless Wardrobe Makes it Easy to Look Your Best

Don’t bother to pull your hair out with complicated formulas to create great outfits. Your ageless/timeless wardrobe will gently become effortless as well. Create a rotation in your closet, after all there are only seven days in a week, and once you possess seven great high–quality outfits your fashion appetite will be satisfied. You should no longer need to shop at the spur of the moment for something to wear.  You will get ready in a flash each morning, I promise!
Most of us have great intentions to buy less, but better quality.  Unfortunately too many of us prefer to push away the extra expense and find themselves again with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. No question that it is easy to succumb to the lure of multiple store windows.
Merchandising is so effective they make us believe that we have strictly nothing to wear. I say “no way!” buying a few pieces, which combine novelty and utility will make you a happy stylish person!

Au revoir et a la prochaine!

Michele Benza,
Your Image Coach, Stylist

Confidential image consulting featuring European style and elegance. Services are offered to men and women of all ages, lifestyles and income levels. Michele meets her clients in her studio in downtown San Francisco. With her far-away (international) clients, she works online using the latest technologies.

For a private appointment with Michèle Benza
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Michele Benza: Learn How To Beautify Yourself Without Shedding A ...

Michele Benza: Learn How To Beautify Yourself Without Shedding A ...: "Follow me and learn how to beautify yourself without shedding a pound! On Tuesday 3/29/2011 at 12:30PM. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/e..."

Learn How To Beautify Yourself Without Shedding A Pound!

Follow me and learn how to beautify yourself without shedding a pound! On Tuesday 3/29/2011 at 12:30PM.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eatingfree/2011/03/29/losing-weight-may-not-improve-your-self-image

 Surprised? Well, Manuel and Sarah from Eating Free.com will now set the record straight! Think about it: how many people embark on a weight loss journey hoping to boost their self-image? And how many reach their goals only to find that they still have the same beliefs about their image and self-worth? So what is a person to do? Two experts share what they know about improving self-image and self-worth. Guest speaker Jeff Benson, psychotherapist will explain the psychological component of self-image and what to do to boost mental health. Guest speaker Michele Benza is an image consultant who will share her tips on how to beautify yourself without shedding a pound!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Americanization of Le Marais too

New York Times 3/10/2011 -- The Americanization of the Rue ST.Honore ...and Le Maris too

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michele Benza: Spring summer 2011 Colors Appear Brighten Than Eve...

Michele Benza: Spring summer 2011 Colors Appear Brighten Than Eve...:

Spring summer 2011 Colors Appear Brighten Than Ever

The results are in, the stores are filled with colors! The Spring/Summer 2011 (SS 2011) leading trends give us something to look forward to. Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to: Lower hemlines, bright colors, stripes, cross-over bags, flat sandals, blooms, higher-waisted tailoring, wider-legged trousers and soft make-up.
Up & Down: The Right Hemline
Finding the right skirt length is a major concern in the field of fashion. From mini to maxi, everything is now possible.
Gabrielle Chanel used to say: “There is nothing uglier than the knee.” This spring, we will not be seeing knees.  Houses like Prada, Vuitton, Chloe and others have pulled on the dresses to bring the hem down. The lower hemline will be even more present in next fall.
Regine Beraud, director of women's fashion style at the Bon Marche Paris, said she agreed that le genou cache (the hidden knee) will be highly appreciated.
The skirt is a few inches longer, which completes the era of micro skirts. Enfin! (finally)
Spring/Summer (SS) 2011 – Explosion of Colors!!
The winds of freedom are blowing through the colorful SS 2011 collections. They flaunt flashy colors from head to toe.
Who says you cannot mix all colors together?! This summer all the mixtures are allowed! SS 2011 will be colorful!
Indeed, watching the SS 2011 Fashion Week from le Printemps-Hausman’s Fashion Café, I perceived a multitude of colors: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander and Sonia Rykiel are mixing three different colors. Gucci presented a stylish outfit mixing a purple top with turquoise pants and a duck orange jacket. The second, Louis Vuitton, offers a sexy and dynamic evening wear, with a transparent pink top and a high-waisted blue pants with red details. Jill Sanders opted for a more casual look with flashy colors while Sonia Rykiel preferred pastel colors, which blend perfectly. 

It is not easy to find something to suit our feet. Yet the spring-summer collections are generally those that appeal most to our feet.
My first impression about SS 2011 shoe collections is that designers have had pity of us and have created great pumps with heels that are ‘wearable’. Example: most Emporio Armani shoes are 2 to 3.5 inches! Merci Giorgio!
Like the next season many colors, shoes will come in a great variety of style and color choices, from boots, ballet flats, platform pumps or sandals, your feet will be trendy. Be aware, shoe shopping can quickly become an addiction. Don’t walk the streets in search of ‘the’ pair of shoes that might claim your shoe passion unless … you leave your credit cards safely home.
Shoes once again are en force and will be our main fashion assets.
Whatever trend is unfolding in fashion, make-up always follows it up with inventions that complete the look. It is very important to properly align seasonal makeup with these fashion trends. Update your SS 2011 makeup to complement the fashion season using a matching color palette that go with the mood of the tendances. Makeup artist Kathy Thorpe says that eye makeup is now an accessory to your eyes; that lips are colorful and that loose powders are coming back.
I am happy to say hello to spring. It’s going to be fun wearing natural make-up with bright lipstick and soft pastel for the eyes, and pairing it with our barely tanned skin this summer.
Now, Just for Fun…

For those who like me collect bottle of perfume, check this one: Perfume Bottle “Beyond “by Anna Dello Russo and for the cat lovers, lipstick by Paul and Joe Beaute.

A bientôt,
Your Personal Image Coach

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Michele Benza: Limited Editions of Luxury Accessories

Michele Benza: Limited Editions of Luxury Accessories:

Limited Editions of Luxury Accessories

Imagine  .......

Christophe Lemaire, the creative director of Hermes, busy making a pair of boots just for you. Pure fantasy? Not for subscribers to Padam Edition.

The site uses the best designers to produce high fashion, luxurious accessories.  Each month the site offers an exclusive collection of shoes and bags created by talented designers. These items will be for sale once a month over a period of 5 days. Only very limited quantities will be avaialble, each creation is numbered. Only 100 copies per model. 

The accessories like the ones you will find on www.padamedition.com would normally ruin most of us. ... Except that the prices via Padam Edition are much more accessible, since there is no intermediary between the creator and the buyer.

The private sale of the first models, signed Christophe Lemaire (creative director for Hermes) and Laurence Doligé (founder of Laurence Dolige – Paris),  is now open to the public. I have checked it out and will definitely become a client if shipping is available for the US.

Sorry the site is in French.

A bientôt,
Michèle Benza
Your Personal Image Coach

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Wardrobe consultants make it easy
Imagine this: You are looking for an outfit for a particular event. You are unable to mix your clothes and accessories and you need to refresh your classic style. You need that finishing piece to complete an outfit, or give it several looks by updating the accessories. You wish to upgrade your look without upsetting your silhouette. In short you need a “how to manual” custom-made, just for you; your personality, body proportions, age and budget. Better yet, you need a wardrobe consultant.
Personal shoppers can save you time
Perhaps, you do not have time to pre-shop to start building next season’s wardrobe. You are overwhelmed by so many choices and are unable to do the triage. You wander through the shops, unsure in the fitting room about the pieces you have selected.  You do not know how to adapt your new purchases with your existing wardrobe. You need a personal shopper to do the legwork for you.
Image consultants bring it all together
Hiring the services of an image consultant is the assurance that your new purchases will fit your personality, style, your desires and your budget all topped by a trained and critical eye.
If you want to do it yourself
Even if you are able to perform all of the above without professional help, it’s still time to give your closet a makeover before the new season kicks-in.
Let me give you a little bit of advice: Cleaning-out our closet can be easy if you dedicate enough time and follow certain rules:
  • Rule #1 – DO NOT be nostalgic about your clothes.
  • Rule #2 – DO get rid of anything you know you will no longer wear.
  • Rule #3 – DO NOT keep clothes that do not fit perfectly, that are outdated, or items that are damaged.
Make others happy
Purging your wardrobe also means making someone else happy. It is easier to remove all the toxic elements from you closets if you think about the people you will make happy. Think about all the people that will have a smile on their face when they receive your clothes! Thinking this way makes donations much easier.
Make some extra money
Another option is to consign your items and earn some extra spending cash. After all, the Spring collections have reached the stores and you know what that means… shopping! So gather up those spare items hiding in your closet and visit your local thrift shop or consignment store.
Discover treasures you didn’t know you had
On the positive side of the wardrobe clean-out, you will most probably discover treasures in your closets. Treasures that you forgot you ever owned. And, if you do not know how to handle the treasures give me a call, I will help you assembling wonderful outfits for the next season.
A Bientot,
Send your Style questions to me at michele@mbenza.com I'd love to hear from you!

Michele Benza: SSShhh Michele's Announcement

Michele Benza: SSShhh Michele's Announcement: "Annoucement: Personal Image Coach Michele Benza, will be working in Las Vegas February 17, 18 and 19. Spread the word..."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Globes 2011 - Who Was the Most Elegant?

Jane Fonda by Georges Hobelka


Halle Berry by Nina Ricci

Olivia Wilde By Marchesa

Sunday, January 16, 2011

SSShhh Michele's Announcement

Annoucement: Personal Image Coach Michele Benza, will be working in Las Vegas February 17, 18 and 19. 

Spread the word...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review - L'Oreal Age Perfect

L’Oreal Age Perfect

L’Oreal Age Perfect is a very nice skin care line for women over 50. I tested the serum, eye cream and the Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition cream. My skin liked the serum particularly. It is fluid and penetrates the skin very well. The eye cream’s texture is perfect too, and easy to apply around the eyes. I found the Hydra-Nutrition cream a bit thick and heavy and would suggest to apply very little if used as an day cream. I wish both the eye cream and Hydra-Nutrition creams would come in tubes instead of jars.
Price is excellent. This line would make an excellent gift to the woman who likes to take of her skin.
Michele Benza ICP
Image Consulting & Posture

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confessions of an Image Consultant

Confessions of an Image Consultant

A Day of Reckoning
The other day I had to attend a conference and wanted to wear a classic outfit. I decided to wear a fitted, conservative dress that I have owned for a couple of years. As I stepped into the dress and pulled it up…….my hips started screaming “NO” and I saw, in my mind’s eye, a large STOP sign sticking out of my hips.

Michele Benza
San Francisco Image Consultant

I kept pulling the dress up pass the danger zone and looked at myself in the mirror. What just happened?

For the very first time in my life I realized that my butt had grown bigger! My beloved Hugo Boss dress is now too tight. Quel dommage!

Skin Care: Face it and change it

What about my face? Lately I’ve found that I now have to work at it more and more. Never satisfied with my makeup, I jump from one foundation to the other to no foundation at all. I continue to use my skin care products twice a day, but still it seems that they too do not work as before.

As an Image Consultant, I constantly update my knowledge and skills. So, in order to benefit my clients, my readers and myself, I have decided to put my face into the hands of a professional and have set up an appointment with my esthetician to establish a skin care program for 2011.

I’ll ask her to design an entire skin care program for the coming year. I want her to tell me what skin treatments I need and when to have them and what skin care products she recommends I use. I will schedule all the treatments for the year at once; this will enable me to make a budget and to follow my new skin care regime religiously.

I’m not alone

Many of my clients have confessed to me that they do not like their bodies and don’t know how to accept themselves. So often I have heard, “I don’t like looking at myself in the mirror.” “If I could, I would change everything about my appearance.” “I have no self-esteem.” 

None of us like some of the changes age brings, myself included.

I was not thrilled to see that one of my dresses did not fit any longer.

Let the fight begin

My philosophy is to smile J about my new ‘derriere’ knowing that I will take the bull by the horns and soon enough the centimeters will melt away. I have already signed up with www.eatingfree.com. This fabulous site will put me back on the right track. It is important to understand that our metabolism changes as we age so we have to be more active to lose the same amount of calories than when we were in our 20s.

In my case, it is a hamstring injury that has kept me away from my 30-minute daily hike. Let the fight begin! I will stop comparing my new size to last year’s and I will not be nostalgic about the past.

Although, I accept that age brings new challenges, I will continue to be my best self and share the knowledge I gain first-hand, with all of you.

A la prochaine!

Michele Benza
Your Image Coach