Monday, January 17, 2011

Globes 2011 - Who Was the Most Elegant?

Jane Fonda by Georges Hobelka


Halle Berry by Nina Ricci

Olivia Wilde By Marchesa

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Jacqui said...

I loved Olivia Wilde's dress and Jane Fonda looked fabulous but although Halle is gorgeous, I really did not like her dress. Thought it was neither dress nor lingerie....like the designer couldn't make up his/her mind which way to go! Not at all elegant in my mind. I loved the simplicity of so many of the dresses (Claire Dane, Sandra Bullock, Angelina etc), no jewelry, simple lines. Great posture, great no backs and svelte. Can't remember specific examples. The two dresses I definitely didn't like was this red dress which had almost no bodice, almost no sides and strings for a skirt (forgot who the blond actress was), and Halle Berri's dress. I'd love to know why you found this particular dress elegant i.e. what features.