Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking Great (Front and Back) in Jeans

Jeans are such a great fall-back position when we’re stuck with what to wear. So I think it is time to remind you of important points to consider before slipping into your favorite pair.

At the top of the list is the most important point to consider: Do not wear what everybody else is wearing unless you have the body type that suits the current trend!

To make it easy for you, here are my pointers for specific body types:
  1. Long waist: Super low-rise jeans are a no-no as they will hit the mid part of your hips and make your thighs look larger. And your legs will appear shorter! Better to choose a pair of jeans that either fit your waist or fall just below your navel. You can also wear high-waisted jeans as they will make your waist seem shorter and your legs longer. As a matter of fact, I fall under this body type and I find that jeans/pants in 'Petite' fit me better than a regular size. I am 5'7”.
  2. Triangle shape: Wear jeans that sit just on your hipbones and select bootcut legs. Avoid tapered jeans, as they will draw unwanted attention to your hips!
  3. Round ‘bubble’ derrière: Do not cinch your waist and do not wear jeans with faded areas on this part of your body! Wear low-waisted jeans, as they will make your derrière look more compact.
  4. Flat derrière: Avoid high-waisted jeans, as this cut will make your derrière look totally flat. Low cut jeans + flap pockets or just enough detailed pockets will make your bottom look perky.
  5. Long Legs: No, I am afraid you cannot wear cropped flared jeans, as you will look as if you grew out of them! Your best bet is to choose jeans with a long inseam, bootcut or straight-legged.
  6. Plus sizes: No baggy pants please! They make you look bigger. You need to wear slim-fitting, slightly low-rise jeans that just hit the hipbones. Choose darkish colors, as they will minimize your curves.
  7. Buffed full quads + small waist: Look for wide-leg styles. Fit your legs first, and then have the waist altered.
  8. All body types: Choose jeans that have at least 2% spandex.

Finally, remember jeans should never touch the floor. There should be a slight break in the front and they should fall a fraction above the ground in the back. This will prevent unsightly frayed cuffs. A frayed hem is a definite NO-NO!

A Bientôt,