Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shop 'Till You Drop (With Caution!)

I know, I know. We all want to stay on point with our budgets in these tough economic times. But, there are some great bargains out there and, if you are careful, you won’t break the bank! Here are my tip offs and of course, as always, a few words of caution!
Tip Offs

  • If shoes are your weakness, the best deals are at Glory Chen and Joy Chen. If you like avant-garde shoes, hunt carefully as there are some at 50% off.
  •  Bottega Veneta’s spring/summer collection is already 50% off as is TUMI’s and they have great travel bags.
  •  MaxMara and Giorgio Armani begin their sales the second week of June.
  •  Price tags still a bit high for you? Then, head for the department stores for more affordable price points, as many are liquidating their spring/summer 2012 collections to make room for the next season’s trends.
OK. So you’ve been really disciplined and have been waiting for the sales to make the most of your budget, but buyer be AWARE!

  Glory Chen shoe
Shoe by Glory Chen
Words of caution
Shop for now.  Shop for items that fit you now and do not buy too-tight jeans thinking you’ll lose a little and it’ll fit!
Think like me.  Buy fewer pieces but all high quality. In Europe almost everyone looks good even when they wear the same clothes repeatedly. The reason? Because they are of good quality. I was brought up this way too, so it doesn’t bother me at all to wear the same clothes year after year. However, I do take the opportunity to freshen up my wardrobe during the sale seasons and suggest you do the same.
Remember that size does matter. Don’t pay attention to the number on the label, just buy what fits and looks good on you.
Don’t rush. Give yourself enough time. Window-shop and ask the sales person to hold the items you like. Then return for a second look AND try them on again.
Test. Whether you are shopping for dresses, trousers or T-shirts, comfort is supreme. Take a test drive. Walk around, swing your arms back and forth and make sure the garment falls back into place. I suggest that if you can, sit on a chair in front of a mirror to see what other people see! (I’m thinking mini skirts…!)
Trust your inner voice-1. You may come across the ‘It” piece that everyone else has, but if it doesn’t meet your needs just walk on by.
If you have to try too hard to make it work, forget it. You’ll never wear the piece.
Cost per wear. Buy high-end items that you will wear more often. The more you wear them, the less expensive they’ll turn out to be.
Don’t buy an item just because it’s on sale! Don’t panic or be afraid to lose a good deal.
Trust your inner voice-2. Dare to be a little adventurous. Shake up your wardrobe by adding a few elements that you would not otherwise acquire.
Finally, remember to always check the store’s return policy!
A bientôt,