Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Limited Editions of Luxury Accessories

Imagine  .......

Christophe Lemaire, the creative director of Hermes, busy making a pair of boots just for you. Pure fantasy? Not for subscribers to Padam Edition.

The site uses the best designers to produce high fashion, luxurious accessories.  Each month the site offers an exclusive collection of shoes and bags created by talented designers. These items will be for sale once a month over a period of 5 days. Only very limited quantities will be avaialble, each creation is numbered. Only 100 copies per model. 

The accessories like the ones you will find on www.padamedition.com would normally ruin most of us. ... Except that the prices via Padam Edition are much more accessible, since there is no intermediary between the creator and the buyer.

The private sale of the first models, signed Christophe Lemaire (creative director for Hermes) and Laurence Doligé (founder of Laurence Dolige – Paris),  is now open to the public. I have checked it out and will definitely become a client if shipping is available for the US.

Sorry the site is in French.

A bientôt,
Michèle Benza
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