Thursday, February 3, 2011


Wardrobe consultants make it easy
Imagine this: You are looking for an outfit for a particular event. You are unable to mix your clothes and accessories and you need to refresh your classic style. You need that finishing piece to complete an outfit, or give it several looks by updating the accessories. You wish to upgrade your look without upsetting your silhouette. In short you need a “how to manual” custom-made, just for you; your personality, body proportions, age and budget. Better yet, you need a wardrobe consultant.
Personal shoppers can save you time
Perhaps, you do not have time to pre-shop to start building next season’s wardrobe. You are overwhelmed by so many choices and are unable to do the triage. You wander through the shops, unsure in the fitting room about the pieces you have selected.  You do not know how to adapt your new purchases with your existing wardrobe. You need a personal shopper to do the legwork for you.
Image consultants bring it all together
Hiring the services of an image consultant is the assurance that your new purchases will fit your personality, style, your desires and your budget all topped by a trained and critical eye.
If you want to do it yourself
Even if you are able to perform all of the above without professional help, it’s still time to give your closet a makeover before the new season kicks-in.
Let me give you a little bit of advice: Cleaning-out our closet can be easy if you dedicate enough time and follow certain rules:
  • Rule #1 – DO NOT be nostalgic about your clothes.
  • Rule #2 – DO get rid of anything you know you will no longer wear.
  • Rule #3 – DO NOT keep clothes that do not fit perfectly, that are outdated, or items that are damaged.
Make others happy
Purging your wardrobe also means making someone else happy. It is easier to remove all the toxic elements from you closets if you think about the people you will make happy. Think about all the people that will have a smile on their face when they receive your clothes! Thinking this way makes donations much easier.
Make some extra money
Another option is to consign your items and earn some extra spending cash. After all, the Spring collections have reached the stores and you know what that means… shopping! So gather up those spare items hiding in your closet and visit your local thrift shop or consignment store.
Discover treasures you didn’t know you had
On the positive side of the wardrobe clean-out, you will most probably discover treasures in your closets. Treasures that you forgot you ever owned. And, if you do not know how to handle the treasures give me a call, I will help you assembling wonderful outfits for the next season.
A Bientot,
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