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Fall Winter 2010/2011 - Trends and Little Gems

Fall Winter 2010/2011 – Trends and Little Gems
Michele Benza

The “Mad Men” styles have invaded Banana Republic’s windows here at its flagship store in San Francisco -- and with good reasons! The nostalgia of sixties and seventies glamour! This was the era when Brigitte Bardot was the star of the moment, and the Beatles arrived as part of the “British Invasion!”

This season, feminine women are at the top of the podium. Hurrah!

Influenced by the voluptuous actresses in the series "Mad Men," some designers have borrowed the ladylike looks, bringing back feminine and sexy fashions for fall.
·      Miuccia Prada changed her style for this fall collection and showed pieces highlighting bosoms and hips. (Gasp! Models with breasts!)
·      Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton offers a tribute to Brigitte Bardot, flattering the bodice and accentuating the twirl of the skirts.
·      At Chloe, wide-leg pants and turtleneck sweaters accentuate the simplicity of beautiful sportswear and the female figure. Add to that a classic color like camel, and you get the flagship fashion for the season.
·      Meanwhile, Gucci borrows from 70's savvy elegance. Perfectly cut pants, thin belt and shirt, the best Gucci uniform of the emancipated woman. The return of classic chic will cross the years without a wrinkle!

As we are looking for a timeless ‘chic’ look, we, the women of winter 2010/2011, will be seduced by the essentials and classics of style. Indeed, after years of extravagance, fantasy and "fast fashion," the trend reverses itself, favoring the classics. The result: Real women without disguise.

Given the turmoil of the economy, the collections vary depending on the sensitivity of the designer. Thus, for winter 2010/2011, while some choose to recycle the executive woman’s pant suits adding feminine details to the menswear’s cut, others adorn fur (real or faux) as the trim of a statement piece.

There is nothing like a well-cut suit to elevate one’s confidence and ambitions. The wardrobe of the working female executive exhales a fascinating sexiness.

What about colors?
Long shunned for their lack of glamour, camel and its derivatives (green, khaki, tan, etc.) are now coming to the forefront. Classic of the classics, these colors prove in fact, to be the winner of this autumn/winter 2010-2011.

The softer side
On the soft side, needlework. Knitted and embroidered garments, both retro and chic are making a comeback on the catwalks.

The question on many minds this autumn is how to wear the trendy sweater dress without seeming to have gained in body mass or age.

A word of caution on sweater dresses. Most of us would do best to stay away from them as the sweater dress is perhaps the most universally unflattering garment in fashion today.  Only an especially slender person can wear a sweater dress combined with lightweight tights, a thin leather belt and stilettos for a marvelous chic look.

To create a glamorous effect use accessories in an intuitive and impulsive manner, there is no law here. Affirm yourself and break the fashion mold.
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