Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Press Release: "Appearances Matter" Consultations Now Available

For immediate Release

Michèle Benza
Michèle Benza, Image Consulting & Posture

Michèle Benza, Image Consulting & Posture announces a new service, APPEARANCES MATTER, particularly suited for job seekers.

San Francisco, CA. Michèle Benza, founder of Michèle Benza, Image Consulting & Posture, has created “APPEARANCES MATTER.”

“Image consulting is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our image is our first non-verbal way of communicating to others and it speaks louder than words,” she says.

Benza’s new service is designed to evaluate her client’s first impression. This is followed by a personality test that helps Benza and the client define a style that complements his or her appearance and that creates an effective impression. Then, step-by-step, Benza takes her clients through a process that helps them prepare their psyche and image for a successful job interview.

Her program ensures that clients leave their session equipped with tools to present themselves with confidence, excellent posture and elegant style.

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