Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be Bold This Spring 2012

Are you ready for spring?
I’ve put together my recommendations for the coming season.

Spring colors are so joyful; they immediately make me feel optimistic and happy! This spring is all about mixing a marvelous palette of uplifting colors: pink, yellow, orange, blue, lilac, turquoise, and my favorite color of all, red! But finding shoes to complement this cheerful array of colors will be a challenge. My suggestion: metallic sandals. For me, silver ones are at the top of my “must buy” list.

With such a wide range of colors ­­to choose from­­—yellow, orange and green to the more muted shades of lavender, blue and beige—everyone can find their perfect color. As they say in French, a chacun sa coleur!

Dazzle with solid colors used in blocks. Wear vivid orange with bright pink. Or, a blue top with coral pants separated by a brilliant yellow, very narrow belt to accentuate the waist. A statement with a fab finishing touch!

If bright colors are not for you, look for candy couleur, aka soft but add a bold necklace that lifts the look and makes a statement.

Go for geometric prints on pants or tops. My recommendation: contrast a print with a solid pop-up color for either the top or the bottom.

FLEURS (Flowers)
Don’t be shy! If you can get away with them, wear prints from head-to-toe!

Dazzle with horizontal stripes for tops, dresses, and jackets.

Shimmer in unexpected textures like sequins and metallic fabrics.

Stand out from the crowd! Forget the classic little black dress. This season’s little black dress is red.

The envelope please! There are a variety of ‘envelope’ style bags to choose from this season. Great from day to night.

For the lucky few, high heels are aplenty. And colorful too. BUT Learn how to walk in them! Practice in front of a mirror!

A few details to watch for this spring:

  • Hemline just below the knee.
  • Skirt-shorts, but choose carefully so you don’t look dowdy!
  • On the beach or around the pool, Chanel suggests wearing the classic Chanel jacket over a bathing suit. And why not?
  • Ribbon-edged cardigans, cropped jackets, lots of horizontal stripes everywhere, all good for updating your wardrobe!
  • Every store has at least one crisped glacier-white suit.
  • Jewelry is bold, really bold. Think BIG earrings.

To minimize your trendy investment, pick a colorful accessory and pair it with crisped whites.

Be bold, put a SPRING in your step -- and in your wardrobe.

A bientot,

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