Friday, November 8, 2013


If you think French women go barelegged, think again. Yes, they do in summer, but not when the weather dictates the need to cover up and keep warm.

Can you imagine that during Paris’ recent Fashion Week, a ‘pop-up’ service was created to rescue women whose stockings had last minute runs! Of course this always happens at the most crucial times: just before an important meeting or hot date. And then doesn’t it seem as if your delicate ultra sheer hosiery plotted against you to ruin your day?

But someone got smart during that last Paris Fashion week ...The Hosiery Savior. Throughout that week, a gentleman on a Vespa toured Paris to rescue ladies in distress. This service was free as it was an advertisement for Cambetta and Alexis Mabille.

So much for Parisian women go barelegged!

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